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Introduce sound into your routines in a truly magical way. This fine brass bell can be used to cover cards or coins, to ring as a magic gesture or even as a real "Chop Cup". And then The Bell Ultra can do something much more..!

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  • In collaborating with Lei Feibing and Zhengyu, TCC Magic have produced this fine piece of magic apparatus. Now in stock at Pegani in the new and better “ultra” version. While most magic focuses on the visual elements, "The Bell Ultra" allows you to introduce sound into your routines in a truly magical way.

    The Bell Ultra can be used to cover coins, place on a top of some cards and it even works as a regular Chop Cup with balls. You can also use it to create the magic moment and ring it during your routine. Whenever you want, you can hand the bell to a spectator and they will to their surprise discover, that the bell cannot really ring, as the hammer is missing!

    The new Ultra version is made with a smooth curved inside surface and if you want, you can have the spectators carefully inspect the bell. The interior clapper and hammer is now redeveloped more elegant so it looks better, if you want to use this as an active part of the routine. And then it is a real “magicians fooler” as the hammer cannot be attached to the bell, unless you know the secret of how to activate the magnet…!

    Each "The Bell Ultra" is expertly crafted with premium materials. I arrives to you safely packed in a box and comes along with flannel storage bag and detailed video instructions including routines with coins, cards and balls.

    A bell is a very suitable accessory to any magic performance. You will enjoy the limitless possibilities.