WOW PASS CASE - Tejinaya & Katsuya Masuda
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This is a great idea. Masudas "WOW" invention built into a black leather ID wallet. You can now make anything appear on a blank card. Slowly, magically and just in front of your spectators eyes.

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  • The “WOW” principle from Japan has cleverly been integrated into something very familiar! This is the latest work of Katsuya Masuda's big hit item "WOW". After an idea by Tejinaya, the secret is now built into a thin passcase, which makes the whole thing much more natural looking.

    Ask a spectator to draw a picture, a number or perhaps a word on a white card, and ask him to hold the card face down. You then place another white card inside the transparent ID-wallet and show it on both sides. Now for the magic...

    When you shake the case lightly, the picture the spectator made gradually emerges at the card! The card the spectator is holding has become completely blank. Both cards can be examined.

    This was just one possibility. The BLANK WOW PASSCASE is also perfect  for revealing predictions or the a special way to propose your lover, or perhaps wish your friends good luck. la
    rge enough to work with Poker sized playing cards, you will be able to adapt the WOW Pass Case for your existing routines, as well as create some incredible new magic. The possibilities are limitless.

    You receive the special black leather wase with WOW Pass Case with the latest and best WOW 3 technology – thinner and clearer than ever. Comes with online instructions.

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