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DKK 1,295.00 / pcs
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For entertainment, for teambuilding, for music lessons and for ensembles. Complete set with 28 colourful tuned plastic percussion tubes along with 8 octavator caps and a solid carrying bag.

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  • You can have so much fun with the Boomwhackers Tuned Percussion Tubes. The tubes are beaten against each other or against a padded surface and sounds like  a bamboo orchestra.

    In this full package you will receive:
    - 28 colourful tuned plastic percussion tubes (4xC’, 3xD’, 4xE’, 3xF’, 5xG’, 3xA’, 2xB’, 4xC")
    - one set of octavator caps (8 pieces)
    - a solid carrying bag for everything

    Very popular in music education, kindergartens, schools, therapy, drum circles, clowns, kids entertainers, teambuilding - and for free improvisation.

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