Itemnumber: PROADHlatex
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ProKNOWS® in the USA produces this effective glue, which are suited to invisibly fix professional clown nose. This special ProKNOWS® Adhesive goes on white, but dries clear. Contains latex.

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  • Every self-respecting clown needs a reliable glue to keep their clown nose in place! ProKNOWS® adhesive is a thin and waterproof medical skin adhesive that will hold your ProKNOWS® Clown nose securely in place in all situations.

    The ProKNOWS® glue is white when it comes on, but becomes completely transparent when it dries. Just follow the instructions on the bottle. The glue is best removed with ProKNOWS® Adhesive Dissolvent.


    The glue must not be exposed to frost, so do not leave the bottle in the car during the winter months. Shipments during cold weather months are at your own risk. Do not allow this item to be in temperatures below 35 degrees F./5 degrees C.


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