Itemnumber: proknowstape
DKK 95.00 / pcs
DKK 76.00 ex. VAT
Roll with 25 meters of double-sided adhesive film with great holding power. It is water resistant, ideal for sensitive skin and is not affected by freezing. 1,25 cm. wide and just perfect for holding on your ProKNOWS® or Santa Beard.

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  • How to use:

    - Remove oil or make-up from your nose, where Super Stick Tape will be applied.
    - Cut strips to fit the inside of the nose.
    - Place it inside the nose and press firmly.
    - Remove the backing.
    - Put the nose on and press gently.
    - Have fun!

    Roll with 25 meters. Can also be used to hold Santa's Beard in place.

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