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It has been years since we were able to offer this unique set of coins. With Bill Cheung's "Vegas Dream" you can perform "3 Fly" with ease (and with a surprising finale). Replica one dollars coins and a very special gimmicked coin. Will give you the magic thrill.

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  • This amazing set of coins, includes two normal replica silver one dollar coins and a very special gimmicked coin. 

    One silver coin turns to three coins - then the coins vanish one by one - the last one turns back to three coins - then they all change to poker chips - before finally disappearing one by one!

    Have a look at the video... looks great, right? You will get a video instruction, where you - without a word spoken - will see how to handle the coins to do exactly the same.

    With this set you really get value for money! Get it while you can.

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