DIABOLO VISION FREE - with handsticks
Itemnumber: J04052
DKK 549.00 / pcs
DKK 439.20 ex. VAT
This is now the most popular diabolo we got Henrys. It is the well-known Henry Vision Diabolo, now mounted with Vision-free ball bearings. Supplied with aluminium handstricks and string.

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  • The newest Diabolo edition from Henrys. The well-known and popular Diabolo now mounted with Vision-free ball bearings! Comes ready to use with handy alu-sticks.

    The bearings are laid hidden in the axle and are well protected from dust and damp. It is made with freewheeling to one side which makes the friction against the string at a minimum releasing the diabolo to spin for a longer time than the traditional editions made with fixed axle.

    Thanks to the different colors on the special designed axle ends the player will always be certain what way it rotates.

    The Diabolo Vision Free is compatible with all circus tuning kits.

    Colors available: Ice, red, yellow, green, blue, orange, black and white.

    Size: Ø 130mm x 135mm 

    Weight: 152 grams

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