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Here is the biggest ball-bearing diabolo from Henrys in Germany. It is the favorite choice for experienced jugglers and artists who perform. You can get replacement parts for it. Comes without handsticks.

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  • This is the Rolls Royce model of diabolos - now will first class ball-bearings. It is the largest model made by Henry (140 mm. wide, a diameter of 130 mm. and a weight of 300 grams). Its size makes it suitable for performance and it is frequently used by professional jugglers all over the Planet.

    Available in colors: White, red, yellow, green, purple, blue, turquoise, orange and black. Make a note in the comment line when you order what color you do want. 

    You can buy spares and accessories for this diabolo, and you can discover possibilities on the youtube clip on this page. Remember as well to order some good diabolo handsticks.

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