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This small size mini diabolo is in first class quality from Henrys in Germany. It is easy to bring everywhere, due to its tiny size, almost just like a large yo-yo. Handsticks will have to be ordered separately.

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  • The diabolo game is an ancient Chinese play. It gives great fun, is relatively easy to learn, and you can make endless variation of different tricks.

    This is the small model from Henrys in Germany (who are known to make the best diabolos in the world). The Kolibri is 92 mm. wide and has a diameter of 83 mm. and a weight of 145 grams. It is produced in a special extremely flexible material and the axle is made in stainless steel. The small diabolo is actually more difficult to master, but the bonus is it is so easy to transport anywhere.

    Available in colors: yellow, green, blue and orange. Note in the comment line when you order which color you would like to have.

    Handsticks are not included buying this item therefore be sure to order those as well (if you are not already equipped with some). You will find nice examples below.

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