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Very resistant and virtually unbreakable juggling cups. Now available in orange, white, yellow and green. Click and watch the video showing Niels Duinker juggling with the shaker cups.

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  • Juggling with the shaker cups is not often seen. But that only makes it more startling and there are plenty of tricks to get started with. Click at the YouTube video clip to watch the cups in the hands of Niels Duinker. Or seach for Claudius Specht on YouTube.

    A fun alternative to juggling balls and clubs.

    Our Juggling Shaker Cups are carefully produced in Switzerland by Mr. Babache. Made in a very resistant and virtually unbreakable material. Adjustable centre of gravity. 

    Each cup weighs 155 grams, but you can remove ballast weight and adjust the weight if you want.

    We stock the cups in the colors: white, orange, yellow and green. Make your choice above.

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