Itemnumber: 758
DKK 3,600.00 / pcs
DKK 2,880.00 ex. VAT
This silver box is full of good quality juggling equipment from Henrys and Mr. Babache. Balls, rings, scarves, clubs, devil sticks, cigar boxes and diabolos.

More information

  • This juggling set is packed in a way that applies to after school centres, youth care, recreational clubs, schools and associations who desires to work with juggling and circus.
    The silver set with good quality equipment from Henrys as well as Mr. Babache is for about 26 persons.

    The silver set includes:

    9 soft juggling balls, ø 62 mm
    9 hard juggling balls, ø 62 mm
    6 small juggling scarves (2 sets of 3)
    6 big juggling scarves (2 sets of 3)
    6 juggling rings, ø 24 cm
    3 juggling rings, ø 32 cm
    6 junior juggling clubs
    2 Arlequin diabolos, medium
    1 Henry Circus diabolo
    3 sets of diabolo steering sticks in wood
    5 juggling plates with sticks of wood
    1 devil stick for children
    1 standard devil stick for grown children or grown-ups
    3 cigar boxes    
    1 storage box

    The colour combinations may vary.