Itemnumber: 5055
DKK 950.00 / pcs
DKK 760.00 ex. VAT
This might be the nicest lota pot you will ever find. Scandinavian style, produced in Denmark by the professional cheramist Lone Schubert. Perfect design that holds up to 8 dl. of liquid. Available for right or left hand.

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  • Perfect Lota Pot in classic streamlined Scandinavian design. Looks like the real thing and can be emptied 4-5-6 times. Handmade by the professional cheramist Lone Schubert.

    You can choose if you want it for right or left hand, and we also offer some smaller cups in the same design.

    "Wow, finally, I have been waiting such a long time for a Lota Vase that looks like something you can actually buy in any potterystore. If you like props that looks like everyday objects instead of a magic prop, well here it is. It is made in a limitid edition so go for it."
     - Love Melander 

    "Got the pottery yesterday and WOW! They where really nice!!!!" - Claes Feldt

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