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After years of being out of print, The Definitive Sankey is finally back in stock. Three gorgeous, hardback books. Totally 1600 pages and 500 effects for all skill levels and genres. Get your set while you still can.

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  • Finally available again! A massive three-book collection featuring more than 500 tricks from one of magic’s most prolific creators.

    The first edition of "The Definitive Sankey" sold out quickly and has since been one of the most sought-after magic books in the world. Now - finally - we have it back at the shelves in Horsens. 

    When Vanishing Inc. was first founded in 2009, one of their first major projects was creating the ultimate collection of Jay Sankey’s work. The idea was simple: comb through Jay’s unparalleled library of material to create a “greatest hits” book. But, they never could have imagined we’d be left with more than 1,600 pages of magic. It’s truly a lifetime’s worth of magic in one place.

    It took four years of tireless work from Joshua Jay, Andi Gladwin, and Jay Sankey to bring The Definitive Sankey to life. This treasure trove of practical, worker close-up magic is one of the most comprehensive collections of material ever printed from a single magician.

    Tricks for Any Skill Level
    What makes The Definitive Sankey so special is the variety of its content. There is a range of material for all types of magicians and skill levels—much of which doesn’t use playing cards.

    Like tricks with borrowed bills? There are over 30 effects with borrowed bills. 

    How about mentalism? There are whole chapters devoted just to that subject, as well as full chapters on magic with rubber bands, coins, bills, finger rings, and more.

     Jay also dives deep on restaurant magic, bar magic and other situational magic. It even includes Jay’s magic theory masterpiece Beyond Secrets to help you become a better overall magician. 

    There is still, of course, a ton of amazing card magic too. From over 70 impromptu card pieces to an entire chapter on the torn and restored plot, no stone is left unturned. 

    With so much great material available, it can sometimes be difficult to choose where to start. So some of the most innovative magicians in the world (David Regal, Rune Klan, Richard Sanders, and others) have shared their top 10 favorite Jay Sankey tricks. These curated lists are included in the books (along with reference points of what pages they can be learned on). They are the perfect starting point for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the brilliance of Jay Sankey. 

    Three Beautiful Hardcover Books
    Every routine is explained in full detail, and 1,000s of crisp photographs make the learning process as informative and easy as possible. Convenient difficulty markers at the start of each trick, as well as a label indicating if it’s impromptu or not, ensure you won’t waste time on tricks that don’t suit your needs. If a particular trick is included on one of the Top 10 lists, there is a special badge identifying that as well. 

    These fully indexed hardcover books are printed on treated paper with gorgeous two-color rendering. A complete bibliography is also included in book 3 for anyone seeking to explore a certain topic or plot further. 

    Since the first edition of The Definitive Sankey was released, much of the source material has gone out of print and is difficult to find. Even if you were able to find it all at face value, you’d have to spend $100s, if not $1,000s to procure it all. With The Definitive Sankey, you get all of Jay Sankey’s best magic tricks in one place. 

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