LETTERS FROM JUAN 6 - Juan Tamariz
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The mega popular Letters From Juan is back for a SIXTH volume. Packed with great material and insights from the master, vol. 6 includes the following routines: Aces Through a Book, Another Suit to Order, Roulette and Multiple Divination. 44 pages.

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  • Juan Tamariz is regarded by many to be the world's greatest living magician. Tamariz is not only a superstar to the Spanish public, but one of the world's foremost experts on magic theory & methodology, as well as a prolific author. The legend himself now writes to YOU.

    After fifty years of performing and traveling Tamariz now sits down to write letters to you, his dear friend, with a focus on close-up magic as well as new stories. Rather than approach these effects in the style of a traditional magic book, Juan is presenting them in the context of a letter, written to only his closest magical friends.

    These are letters of love and magic. Not only will you learn the methods for several card effects that have never before been published, you'll also get Juan's notes & tips for presentations, as well as variations and plot history.

    Perfect bound, 44 pages. Translated from Spanish by Rafael Benatar.

    Contents of Volume 6 include:

    Letter from Juan
    Juan begins with a personal letter to you in which he implores you to remember that the moves are important; the effect is everything. He and his closest associates have made a rule to always discuss the effect before the secret, and he shares this philosophy that guides his magic.

    Aces Through a Book

    A brilliant solid through solid effect performed with four signed aces! One ace penetrates the deck. The second ace passes completely through the book. The third is found in the middle of the book, even after a spectator has examined it! The fourth ace has to be seen to be believed.

    Another Suit to Order (Gimmicked Version)
    Jaun shares with you a devious little gaff that makes performing the traditional discovery of a suit in order a modern marvel. You’ll learn some clever forces and revelations from the Maestro himself. The audience feels like they have a free choice, but of course, you are in total control.

    Roulette (A Mnemonica Miracle)
    The Mnemonica stack becomes an impromptu roulette wheel allowing you to prove you have total control over fate and chance. This routine features a clever force, and a deceptive card at number.

    Multiple Divination
    Five packets of cards are shown to five spectators. Everyone remembers a playing card and then shuffles the packets back into the deck. The magician can then name of of the cards the spectators thought of. Juan shares multiple variations with you, both impromptu and with a stacked deck.


    Another Suit to Order requires some simple DIY preparation to create the gimmicks.

    "These letters unveil the secrets of the tricks and routines I have been planting in moonlit nights throughout the past fifty years, prompted by the whispers of my friends, the Muses, and that I have been nurturing and grafting, year after year, since their birth as magical plants and trees, striving to improve their taste, their scent, and the appetizing presence of their already ripe fruit.

    These ideas and near secrets that I keep in a cabinet, which I've owned almost since my childhood, are the ones that I want to reveal for the first time to you. I will be sending them along with these letters. Aside from presenting them to lay audiences, they are the tricks and routines I have used for making even the most knowledgeable magicians experience the wonderful and powerful effect of the impossible, as well as the emotion of the fascinating and the magical. As you probably know, it's a specialty that Maestro Ascanio so rightly named "magic even for magicians," which I have cultivated with love and passion.

    I hope you enjoy them and make others enjoy them!"

    - Juan Tamariz