PERSONAL MAGIC - The Secret Books of Eric Lewis - vol. 1-4
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Unique and beautiful publications. Each of these large books contains around 100 effects for Close-up, Stage, Mentalism, Children's magic, etc.. Cherished ideas of Annemann, Paul Curry, Robert Harbin, Stewart James, Milton Kort, Marlo, and more.

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  • YYou can tell that these beautiful books (out of totally four volumes to come) is the work of passion. They revealed the finest of magic sifted from a lifetime of experience. They were unique. Typewritten by the recipient of the A.M.A. Literary Fellowship and author of over 26 books of Magic. Filled with hand drawn watercolor artwork and illustrations, and bound in library covers. Seen by only a select few and destined to stay that way. There was only one copy of each.

    Susanne Lewis and co. have faithfully retained the original texture and feel of the originals.

    Each book is around 350 large pages and contains nearly 100 effects for Close-up - Stage - Mentalism - Children, etc. Taken from written instructions and books, to watched performances and word of mouth instruction. Here are the cherished ideas of Annemann, Stanley Collins, Paul Curry, Cy Endfield, Robert Harbin, R.W. Hull, Stewart James, Jordan, Milton Kort, Ed Marlo, Clayton Rawson, Harlan Tarbell, Edward Victor and many more.

    The first volume comes with original Personal Magic CD, published first in 2000 and includes movie clips and links to online videos of Martin Lewis performing selected effects.

    Susanne Lewis from Magikraft has now published all four Volumes and we are proud at Pegani to offer these very fine books in Europe.


    "Eric made son Martin's magic available when he wrote and illustrated the book Martin's Miracles. Now Martin has returned the favor by making his father's fantastic private note books available to serious magicians everywhere. Eric would be thrilled, and so am I!" - Mike Caveney