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These new editions have been completely re-edited, formatted and bound to exceptionally high standards. Every great card magician has read these books and now you can finally add all three of these must-read texts to your collection.

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  • Roy Walton's influence on the world of magic is undeniable. As one of magic's smartest and most innovative magicians, he inspired generations of great card magicians. 

    These new editions have been completely re-edited, formatted and bound to exceptionally high standards. Published by Davenports Magic and printed on responsibly sourced paper by artisan printers in London.

    With this 3-volume collection, you'll gain access to more than 300 sleights and effects, including many original plots. This includes Roy Walton's work on everything from the "Multiple Shift", "Second and Bottom Deals" and "The Half Pass" to his original descriptions of “The Collectors,” “The Smiling Mule,” “Overworked Card," "Cardwarp", "Cascade" and many other beloved card magic tricks.

    Volume 1:
    One of the acclaimed classics of card magic for the cardician with some 112 card effects with unprepared cards. Although a "self contained" volume of tricks and sleights it has the added bonus for those who are not familiar with a particular sleight of being able to move quickly to the special chapter dedicated to Sleights.

    This chapter describes how the author himself performs such sleights as The Multiple Shift, The Half Pass, The Weave Shuffle, The Monte Throw, The Turnover Pass, The Second Deal, The Bottom Deal, The Ghost and Jordan Count, The Hamman Count etc. etc. The author, Roy Walton, is one of the world's most brilliant, creative and innovative card magicians.

    Volume 2:
    This volume follows the highly acclaimed first volume and comprises over 100 original sleights and effects. Davenports have ensured that Volume Two is a perfect match to Volume One and completes some of the best card effects from a prodigious innovator.

    This volume has been superbly and comprehensively illustrated by Gordon Bruce one of Britain's most accomplished card conjurors. This work is directed towards the dedicated card magician with a knowledge of sleights and handling.

    Volume 3:
    This is the long awaited third volume of card magic by the world-renowned magician, Roy Walton. It has been some 28 years since the last completely new, collected works book was released. We are extremely excited to offer this new volume to the magical fraternity.

    This volume contains 96 carefully selected effects with cards; some previously unpublished, and some from a diverse range of publications such as: Abracadabra, Epilogue, Genii, Hierophant, Ibidem, Kabbala, Magic, Magic Circular, Octet, Pabular, Pallbearer's Review, Spread Half Pass, Spellbinder, Chronicles, The Crimp and Penumbra.

    Included in The Complete Walton Vol. 3 are the original descriptions for Roy Walton's famous effects 'Cardwarp' and 'Cascade.'


    "There are stars, there are super stars and there are legends. Roy Walton falls into the latter category. The Complete Walton Vol. 3 is a wonderful collection of material from a true genius." – George McBride

    "Roy's tricks are an extension of Erdnase. Whereas Vernon applied the philosophy of Erdnase to magical technique, Walton completes the revolution by applying Erdnase to the tricks themselves. Roy's methods are woven into each trick so as not to be suspected, let alone detected, and without ever sacrificing directness of effect. Roy Walton is without doubt the most complete card magician of the 20th century, and centuries to leave everyone standing in the 21st." - Jerry Sadowitz

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