LYNX WHITEBOARD - João Miranda Magic
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The Lynx Whiteboard has a diabolic electronic system developed in the last 3 years, which allows the magicians’ predictions appears written in real ink and enables to do true miracles in mind reading or predictions.

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  • One of the most innovative and powerful mentalism illusions ever created. Modern looking and even more advanced than the first Lynx Blackboard you might have seen performed on TV. This new whiteboard version is two times faster and with real ink! 

    The included app allows the magician to use pre-saved drawings, so when the spectator's selections are made, the magician does not have to draw anything. Just a tap in the app and the pre-saved drawing will automatically start being drawn! 

    In this effect, the magician writes a prediction on a whiteboard and then asks any audience member to call out any word, letter, number, or anything the magician wants to predict. The magician turns the chalkboard around - the prediction matches the freely thought-of item from the audience!

    The magician can erase and predict anything again as many times as desired, without stooges or pre-show work. 

    The Lynx Whiteboard has a diabolic electronic system, developed in the last 3 years, that allows the magician's predictions to appear written in real ink and enables true miracles in mindreading or predictions. 

    João Miranda Magic Boards have been performed on TV and live shows by some of the best magicians in the business, like Derren Brown, Jon Dorenbos, The Clairvoyants, Dan White, Issy Simpson, and many more.

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