PIN - Marc Paul
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Marc Paul has created a super-simple, yet brilliantly ingenious way of gaining written information. The beauty of Marc's creation is that the PIN envelope may be freely shown before, during and after the effect.

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  • A yellow envelope is shown to your spectators, they can see it has the word PIN printed across it. You remove a piece of card from the envelope and hand it to your spectator. They are asked to create a 4 digit PIN number in their mind and write it on the card. The card is slid back in to the envelope facedown and the envelope flap is closed. The envelope is once again shown both sides to prove you can not see through it.  The envelope is placed away in your pocket and you never need to go back to it, yet you instantly start reading their mind to reveal the top secret PIN number!

    PIN is super-easy to perform (almost totally self-work) leaving you time to concentrate on your presentation.

    The size and colour of the PIN envelopes make them perfect for close-up, parlour or even stage and because of the material the manufacturer hans chosen, they will last a very long time!

    Along with the props you will have access to the video tutorial featuring Marc Paul and Peter Nardi discussing and demonstrating the working and some amazing routine ideas. Including Marc's full PIN revelation routine, Marc's two person routine, Peter's thoughts on using PIN for the ever popular Magic Square and CAAN effect (and lots more).

    You will absolutely love how deviously simple PIN is and because PIN stands for Personal Identification Number, Product Identification Number & Public Information Notice you can have your spectator write anything on the card, you are certainly not restricted to just PIN's

    Your PIN Set comes complete and ready to use with:
    2 x Special PIN Envelopes
    1 x Identical non-gimmicked PIN Envelope
    30 x PIN Cards (reload packs of PIN cards are available in packs of 50)
    Full tutorial video

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