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Back in stock! Now you will be able to give your audience an incredible optical experience... Newest edition from Bruce Kalver: foldable travel-size version along with the special "kinetic krank". We love it - and so will you!

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  • Magician displays a nearly 40 cm. specially made spiral disk. Like you would imagine a hypnotist using. The spiral is spun and you instruct the audience to stare at the spiral and don't look away. You start to count backwards from 10 to 1 and when you reach one, tell the audience to look at your nose: to their amazement, your head begins to grow like a balloon being inflated!

    Every audience wants to do it again so this time you have the audience select a partner. Spin the disk the other way and when they look at their partner. This time their partner’s head begins to shrink!

    All the spirals are made in flexi-plastic and specially drawn and printed by Bruce Kalver’s company. The spiral can be seen in large auditoriums or use it at a birthday party. People are amazed and always yell "do it again!" The hardest part of this illusion is trying to keep a straight face as your entire audience stares at you in disbelief with their mouths wide open.

    We stock the new self-contained, foldable, travel-size version that folds in half due to a cloth hinge. Our package also includes David Kaplan’s “Kinetic Krank”, which is an aluminum handle that allows you to spin the spiral easily.

    You are going to love this!

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