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If you have seen Kim Andersen demonstrate these super strong magnetic coins at our booth, you will know the possibilities,,. Perfectly produced by Kreis in Japan and now also available as 50 cent euro coin.

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  • The very best and strongest magnetic coin made you will ever find. It will help you with all your performance needs – which can be both coin magic or mentalism.

    This is made from a real 50 cent euro coin with a superstrong magnet placed inside of it, and you won’t believe how strong the attraction is! We do not know exactly how Nakashima Kengo from Kreis Magic in Japan manage to make it, but the magnetic field is strong enough to go through your hand!

    If you should have had the chance to see Kim Andersen demonstrate the possibilities with this coin at our booth, you are probably already a happy owner of a few of them.

    But this coin is not only for coin magic. If you are looking for the right strong magnetic coin for mentalist tools like Craig Filicetti’s FLUXChristopher Taylor’s ECLIPSE or Hugo Shelley’s SIXTH SENSE – you will find no better solution than this coin.

    There are so many effects possible with these coins. To help achieve their full potential, We recommend "Crafty Power DVD" which includes 7 great effects.

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