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This stage size SvenPad® by Brett Barry is perfect for TV or stage & parlour. These look exactly like store bought spiral bound pads, but will help you force any word or drawing you want.

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  • THE SVENPAD™ KøD STAGE SIZE A4 offers a larger palette of incredible possibilities for stage, TV or those that need a bigger pad - but still looks like something from the corner drugstore.

    This pad looks EXACTLY like the notebooks that all students use - the pads you could find at any local store. The details are perfection! From the deep & rich glossy cover, the look/feel, the little bar code... all of it.

    The lined paper inside looks and feels simply perfect, and is custom printed to be thicker for far better handling and no bleeding.

    The stage size have the same incredible precision long/short cuts that you’ve come to expect. They are easy to handle and a delight to use! The durable glossy covers are free moving and not glued or bound.

    These look exactly like store bought spiral bound pads and utilize proprietary “Spira-Glu” binding technology with 40 sheets of lined paper per pad and free moving covers.

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