We found the manufacturer of the world's best elastic bands for magic.
We chose the right size and quality.
Then we ordered a huge amount, which we packed in bags of 100 pieces.
We took a few hundred bags to the World Congress in Rimini ...
and on the third day we had sold out!

If you like elastic band magic, you will not find better elastic bands than those here. They are in the right 19 "size, they have great elasticity, they come in four beautiful colors - and they are durable!

The elastic bands come from the company Allicance, which has specialized in the production of rubber bands since 1923.

Bag of 100 pcs. - Choose between the colors blue, green, red and orange.

Magic with rubber bands is more popular than ever before. If you only know about Crazymans Handcuffs, there is much more inspiration to find in the DVDs below.

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Perfect for those effects that require a good large rubberband for magic. Each bag contains approximately 100 golden rubber bands size 19".
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On this DVD you’ll learn what is possibly the most visually striking rubber band trick ever created. Virtually invisible to any audience, the effect requires absolutely no quick or unnatural movements.
MELTING POINT - Casshan Wallance 3778
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This 3-volume release is a great collection of the most EXTREME rubber-band penetration effects, you'll ever perform! You'll learn new TRU™ methods and tons of new visually-insane effects.
TRU XTREME - Menny Lindenfeld  (vol. 1, 2 & 3) 5099
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From the creative mind of Menny Lindenfeld comes the most POWERFUL & VISUALLY STUNNING rubber band penetration effect you'll ever perform!
TRU - Menny Lindenfeld 4683
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