Finger-Tip Flash Pot

An incredible device that will allow the performer to shoot a ball of fire 10 feet into the air while producing a loud bang, all at your fingertips.

This clever and unique device, made in the Viking/CW style of quality is a superb attention getter. Imagine pointing across the stage and firing a ball of fire toward an empty box only to have a rabbit or dove or even your assistant appear.

Imagine firing a ball of fire across the stage to ignite your dove pan. What ever your need is, if you need to draw attention to or away from something, this will do the trick.

Small, compact, easy to use and set. Uses common plastic caps (included) plus a small piece of Flash Paper (not included).

Flesh colored with complete instructions.

A professional gimmick for professionals only. NOT SOLD TO MINORS.

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This remarkable gimmick allows you to shoot fireballs from a seemingly ordinary black marker. Easy to use, and will draw the attention of any crowd. Comes with USB-charger, ordinary lookalike-pen and instruction.
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20 sheets of flash paper size 65 x 55 mm. Great quality. Fine and practical size for many purposes.
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The first of its kind, PYRO is a high-tech, wrist-worn, James Bond style device that allows you to shoot magnificent balls of fire from your open hand. Comes with flash paper and flash cotton. This is not a toy!
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Arsene Lupin has modified a lighter so that enables you to produce a huge flame from it - exactly when you want it. A fun gag that you can use every time you need fire.
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4 pcs. of the best flash paper you will find. Vanishes fast and completely with a big flame. We stock the paper in white, black and red. You got to be at least 18 years old in order to buy this product.
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96 pcs. star caps as we know them from our toy guns. Used among other things to Bang Gimmick, The rat trap and Finger-Tip Flash Pot.
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DKK 20,00
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