The Grifters coins are imagined reality based on the legacy of "the Hobo Nickels" of the early 1900s America. With an antique style, patina-silver finish, the Grifters have been handworn to reduce 'talking' and increase the glide that many top coin men cherish. Grifters have a fine-milled edge for stable gripping and have been shaped and weight matched to the specifications of a US Kennedy Half Dollar so that most coin workers can be immediately familiar.

- Antique silver-patina finish
- Finely milled edges for best handling and noise reduction
- Hand-worn surface for smoothness and glide
- Scuff and scratch resistant, built for toughness
- Matched weight and dimensions of a Kennedy Half Dollar

Included with the package are seven classic beginning coin effects and several handling techniques that are perfect for taking your first step into coin magic.

Grifters are your tokens of access to a hidden world and accepted by only those who know... "Fallaces sunt rerum species".

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