The magician shows an empty clear glass, pours orange juice in it. When turning the glass upside down, an orange silk drops instead!!!

It's incredible, a classic magic trick allowing for a hundred further uses, yes, that's it!!!, you can make things vanish, you can produce others, change colours, etc. all this just with one glass. Manufactured using polycarbonate; tightened, removable, high-level capacity. A true Pro Mirror Glass.

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Any audience -both children and adults- will enjoy this transformation before their eyes. This is an exclusive product created by Bazar de Magia; a new product within the glasses line, that has come to stay.
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Put some of this super-absorbent powder at the bottom of a cup. Fill it with coffee, and a few seconds later you can turn the cup on its head. The coffee has become stiff (thank you, the coffee is strong enough!).
SLUSH POWDER - large bottle - 250 ml. 244B
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The magician takes a glass of milk and pours it into a paper cone. He immediately opens the paper cone showing it is empty and dry: The milk is gone! This new model has more capacity, better design and works perfectly!
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