"Brett Barry has done it again! Creator of the internationally bestselling SvenPads, he's unleashed 2017's power player of the year: SvenPad Picasso. Great for the professional stage worker, well recommended for the discerning mentalist." - Ning Cai

This is the Svenpad Picasso small format (60 pages, 2 sections) easy to handle version. Each section may be independently flipped, It measures 18,5 x 25 cm. and is a very heavy duty and sturdy pad. It is perfect, if you want to force two separate things: a celebrity and a town, a fruit or an animal… or anything you can come up with.

Use the SvenPad Picasso for an incredibly fair & visual confabulation routine, or add drawings of differing features or colors. The Picasso is a blank canvas for your ideas.

The spine here is spira-glued the same as our tradtional KoD SvenPads. In other words the pages do not move, and the long short pages remain at their tight tolerances. We take an "off the shelf" high quality artists pad apart, and then give it the famous SvenPad® treatment. The result will surpass your expectations.

Every pad comes with a free Crayola water based marker.

"The SvenPad Picasso is just beautifully made, and its three sections customized in endless creative ways. Plus, it looks completely innocent and can easily be seen on stage. Love this pad!" – Jen Kramer

 "Like all of the products in the SvenPad series, the Picasso pad is a meticulously engineered prop that works flawlessly. It’s an amazingly versatile tool that I’ve enjoyed incorporating into my stage show.” – Ryan Oakes

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The Picasso is TRI-SECTIONED, allowing 3 separate forces or predictions. Each section may be independently flipped and shown to be different. It measures 27,5 x 35 cm. and is a very heavy duty and sturdy pad!
SVENPAD® PICASSO 4386picasso
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Your perfect FORCE has never been simpler, more deceptive or more hands-free! The multitude of effects that are possible make it a must-have accessory for any magician and mentalist. Fine size. 2 pcs.
SVENPAD® MINI'S  - Brett Barry - 2 pcs. 4386mini
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In stock
This is the ultimate way to force any word on a spectator! Forget huge books and change bags. The SVENPAD is a normal looking notepad, but it's use of the Svengali principle makes it a lethal weapon for the mentalist.
SVENPAD® KØD - Brett Barry 4386kod
DKK 225,00
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In stock
This stage size SvenPad® by Brett Barry is perfect for TV or stage & parlour. These look exactly like store bought spiral bound pads, but will help you force any word or drawing you want.
SVENPAD® KØD STAGE A4 - Brett Barry 4386kodstage
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This looks like its drawn by a sharpie, but the sharpie is water-based and does not go through the paper. Perfectly suited for use in conjunction with Svenpads.
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