"The packaging alone is more deceptive than most magic products. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that every single magician or mentalist in the world will absolutely love this. It's a KILLER!" - Spidey

You hand out three dice, each of a different color. Even though your back is turned, you know with confidence which number has been chosen on EACH colored die. This classic effect has been 100% upgraded with today's modern technology and materials. However, the possibilities are endless. Way beyond the typical "I know your number" routines. And we included some creative routines to get you started.

This is what you receive:

The dice are standard "Gaming" size. Each measuring only 16 mm.
These are 100% standard looking dice raising no suspicion when used.
Like regular dice, they can be rolled together or in a cup without worries of chipping them.

No need to purchase new dice when you run out of a charge! EACH die is equipped with the most advanced wireless charging technology.
Charging platform and USB cord is included for on-the-go performers.

This tiny receiver has been designed from the ground up. Large display screen yet it can be hidden behind a finger! Yes, you read that right. This amazing receiver can be hidden in or behind almost anything!
PLUS, work in low light conditions without worry of a "glow".

The in-depth tutorials include everything you need to know about your Mental Dice. PLUS 7 amazing routines to get you started that go WAY beyond the normal, "I can guess the number on your die".

"AMAZING! I can see so many possibilities with this!" -Shin Lim

"OMG! This feels like it was developed by Steve Jobs!" - Richard Sanders

You can look forward to these amazing features:

POWER LEVELS: Each time the receiver is activated, the display shows the power level of the receiver itself as well as EACH individual die.

ACCURACY: These dice perform with incredible accuracy. No need to wonder about misfires.

SHUT OFF: Receiver "talks" to the dice. When you are ready to shut down your set, simply hold down the ON/OFF switch and dice will shut down!

SLEEP MODE: You have the ability to put the receiver in "sleep" mode during a performance to conserve battery life. The "wake-up" is instantaneous.

DISTANCE: You can comfortably use your dice up to 12 meter away from the receiver.

BATTERY LIFE: Unbelievably long lasting batteries. You will rarely have to charge your dice or receiver.

DURABILITY: Everything has been produced of high-grade materials for lifelong use.

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