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EAST SLACKER 20 easyslacker20
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In fact, stilts are a very old invention. But now they are reproduced in a modern design. They are taut on legs and feet. Thus, suddenly you are taller than before. An amazing and delightful experience.
YELLOW ACTOY STILTS - 8-13 years 781
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Try to keep your balance on top of the ball and see whether you can make it roll, while you are staying on top of it. The balance ball is perfect for workshops in performing or fun in the gym.
WALKING GLOBE 70 cm. 795
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Professional walking ladder for circus and general artists. Climb and perform on it, while it balances on the ground below you. 2 meters high and 48 centimeters in width. Choose between black or white edition.
WALKING LADDER artistladder
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