This is the new spinning plate from the innovative German manufacturer Henrys who have currently renewed, redesigned and developed both plate and stick.

The stick of tree is made so that it can easily be separated in two and in a moment be connected to form one unit again. This makes the set much easier to carry in your bag.

The plate is manufactured in flexible and transparent plastic with an enclosed geometrical pattern which makes it clear how fast the plate rotates. Below the plate two circles are made, the beginner will start with the outermost while the advanced practitioner quickly can move on to the inner circle.

The size of the plate is 250 mm. in diameter and a weight of 110 gram.

A set includes one stick and one plate.

You can choose between the colours: Red, pink, yellow, green, purple, blue, turquoise and orange in the colour section above.  

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The plate that spins on the top of a stick. Easy to learn for all, but it appears to be very advanced.
SPINNING PLATE - with stick J01001
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