The Renegadesignlab stick is made for balancing a ball on top of a stick, straight out from you mouth.
The mouth stick is constructed from kiln dried beech, with a stainless steel mouth piece with a molded silicone cover.

Length: 41 cm. 

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This Spinning Ball from Italy can be inflated by mouth, so no pump is required. It is easy to carry around and quick to set up. Diameter: 20 cm. - weight 300 gram. Choose between red or white.
PLAY SPINNING BALL - 20 cm. spinningball
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With this soft Russian Ball Italian Play Juggling has combined tradition and new technology. 67 mm. i diameter and a weight of 100 gram. Very easy to catch and doesn't roll when you drop it.
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Professional walking ladder for circus and general artists. Climb and perform on it, while it balances on the ground below you. 2 meters high and 48 centimeters in width. Choose between black or white edition.
WALKING LADDER artistladder
DKK 2.395,00
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This new integrated board design, uses the hand blocks to lock in the canes to the base board for transport. It feature duel cane sockets, giving you three cane width setting. Ranging between 34cm and 38 cm.
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Stilts is an old investment, yet they are reproduced in modern design. Locked on legs and feet… suddenly you are much taller. An amazing experience for children as well as grown-ups.
RED ACTOY STILTS - adults 782
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/ UNIT incl. VAT
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Complete Rola Bola KIT from Play Juggling in Italy. Roll Diameter is 12,5 cm with PLAY wooden board 65x25 cm specially designed to fit our special stack-rolls and create a safe multi floor Rola Bola in a few seconds.
DKK 600,00
/ UNIT incl. VAT
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