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If you diligently twist balloon animals, you have certainly occasionally lacked a good alternative to the regular hand pumps, the noisy electronic pumps, or to breathing with your mouth. We have now found the perfect model of an efficient floor pump. It comes from the USA and is carefully produced by Andrew McDonald, who is himself a professional balloon entertainer.

The new balloon pump weighs less than 2 kg. and comes with a sling, so it is super easy to take over the shoulder on the way to the spot in the pedestrian zone or the mall, where you have to twist your amazing balloon figures. It is made of durable PVS and measures 85 cm. It is easy to clean and easy to maintain. It stands firm and works like a dream. A quick press - and you have completely filled up a 260Q balloon.

If it is important to you that it does not take up much space in the luggage, you can unscrew the bottom plate. The pump appears completely neutral in white, but you can easily decorate it with foil exactly as it suits you - colorful or maybe with a link to your website.

A professional prop that you will be really happy with!

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