Sweden's Tomas Blomberg is not like other magicians. He combines his background in mathematics, physics, and puzzles to create a style of magic that is uniquely his own. Many expert magicians have heralded Blomberg as a reclusive genius, and for the first time ever, his highly guarded secrets will be revealed in a beautiful, oversized, hardback book. 

In Blomberg's world, the method is just as interesting as the effect. For example, you will learn a completely new approach to the Card at Any Number style routine where the deck secretly-and automatically-cuts itself at the named number. In a "Hold Your Gilbreath," you use mathematics to decipher whether there is a sharp pin hidden under a row of randomly ordered cups. In "Time After Time" the spectators are able to find their own selections, even after they mix the cards themselves. Intrigued? You should be. The methods are completely fresh, and unlike anything you have ever used in your magic before. 

Sleight of hand fans are in for a treat as the book is full of new effects and techniques. In particular, pay attention to Tomas' work with the spread double lift: this refined technique has been used by card magic's elite for many years and it is finally published here, for the first time, along with five effects using it. 

In total, author Andi Gladwin teaches 65 of Tomas' most interesting creations. We live an era where quality magic books are scarce, and Blomberg Laboratories is a welcome addition. This book has been three years in the making, and the material has taken a lifetime to develop. 

328 pages, over 420 illustrations, 10" x 10" oversized hardback.

"Tomas Blomberg is genius! I've been a big fan of his magic, thinking, and creativity for years." 
- Tim Trono

"Blomberg is brilliant, and Blomberg Laboratories is a fantastic book." 
- Richard Kaufman

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