A Lovely Routine!

When Cupid shoots his arrows, love is in the air! A very special Joker is introduced that looks like Cupid. When cards are enchanted by the little fellow, they will magically find their perfect partner!

Allthough a deck is thoroughly shuffled with the help of a spectator, Cupid's power helps to bring the mates of three freely chosen cards next to their partners in the deck.

Where other routines end, "Cupit" features a veritable firework of effects: by accident, Cupid gets in touch with the shuffled pile and even a well mixed pack of cards in the cardcase, and arranges all the cards next to their partners! A romantic Overkill!

"Cupit" is a modern classic. Pit has performed it in countless situations all over the world, from informal sessions to TV performances, and the routine has been a closer of his formal close-up shows for almost twenty years.

Now, the perfect cards are available for this easy piece. Together with a specially designed Cupid-Joker and a high class DVD, you too can spread the love!

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