"Level One" by Christian Grace is a gimmick that allows you to progressively vanish ANY deck of cards. it completely sold out at Blackpool 2019, but we got our hands on one piece and our very own Kim Andersen has been playing around with it. It IS great!

Holding a deck of cards, you give a gentle shake, and half of the deck seems to melt into thin air. With another shake, the rest of the deck vanishes, leaving you with just one card: the spectator's selection! 

The last card can immediately be handed out for examination. There is nothing to find; it's a normal playing card. 

Consider these points:

  • You end clean. The last card can be fully examined.
  • It's easy to do. It will take just a short time to learn how to use the gimmick.
  • There are no angle restrictions. You can perform Level One surrounded.
  • The last card is completely examinable.
  • There are no flaps, threads or magnets. You receive a solid-state gimmick. It will never break.

Package includes Level One gimmick and online instructions. 

"Incredibly visual and convincingly magical!" - Cyril 

"The best deck vanish that I've ever seen." - David Berglas 

"Level One is the perfect illusion." - Michael Vincent 

"I LOVE IT... I just want to brainstorm with this all day." - Lloyd Barnes 

"...I've just seen Christian perform Level One and I LOVE it. It's fantastic. Damn, I wish I came up with the idea first." - Tom Elderfield 

"Level One is a game-changer!" - Ollie Mealing

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