A new design for an age-old plot... and more. A diabolical, practical, semi-automatic switching device. 

A spectator selects and signs a card. WHAM! It's no longer in the deck! Open up the Altoids box, and show them the folded card inside. The spectator sees you remove and hand them the card to reopen - it's their signed card! 

Daniel Garcia, one of magic's most sought-after creators, has done it again with his first magic release in years! One of the cleanest and most natural switching devices ever created, MINT BOX is unlike anything you've ever seen before. Self-contained in a small Altoids tin, the gimmick allows you to OPENLY and INVISIBLY switch a card displayed inside the mint box for a spectator's SIGNED selection... completely surrounded! The mechanics are so good, you'll fool yourself! An instant every day carry! 

Includes a Red Bicycle MINT BOX gimmick, the Mint Box Quick Start Guide and access to a 30-minute streaming instructional video from Garcia. Learn the basic routine and multiple variations to adapt to nearly any situation! 

Spectators go nuts!


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When unveiled at The Magic Castle, magicians returned over and over to watch the moment that seemed impossible... when a card that had been isolated within a clear box turned out to be a spectator's signed selection.
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