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This is probably the cleanest and most magical coin magic you can do. Authorized by Johnny Wong, N2G and Bond Lee are honored to release this piece of both classic and revolutionary coin magic.

You grab three ancient Chinese coins from the air and then let them disappear into the air one by one.

Between the appearance and disappearance of each of the coins, you can show both sides of the coins, let them change colours and let the audience see that there are absolutely no extra coins in your hands.

- No shell! And you don't need to hide multiple coins in your hands!
- Everything is clean, like real magic.
- You can create endless possibilities with this coin set.
- Superb craftsmanship.
- Enhanced magnetic force.

We got the coin set with two different sizes of coins:
Small - half dollar sized coins - 30,6 mm.
Large - one-dollar sized coins - 37,6 mm.

You get your very special gimmicked coin along with three regular chinese coins in red, green and black - along with detailed video instructions for multiple routines:
- 3 Fly
- Matrix
- Triple coin
- Triple change
- One by one
- Rainbow coin

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