INVISIBLE ZONE - Lubor Fiedler

The magician takes a pen and sticks it through the Invisible Zone case. When the case is opened the center of the pen is totally invisible even though the pen is moved back and forth! This one looks totally impossible.

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This penetration effect is an all-time evergreen in magic. Invented and produced by Tenyo Magic. A small sword penetrates both a crystal clear box and the finger ring inside. Can be examined.
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A black pen is smashed thru the center of a borrowed bill. In the same moment as the pen is removed, the bill is completely restored and can be handed back.
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Insert a balloon into the tube and pierce it with two spikes. The balloon does not "pop"! Show the inside of the tube so that your audience can see two spikes penetrating through the center of the balloon. Remove the spikes, and show the balloon unharmed.
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You open up a stamped shipping carton and remove a gift box and then, impossibly, you proceed to put the stamped shipping carton into the gift box. What was once on the outside is now on the inside. and vice versa.
LUBOR'S GIFT - Lubor Fiedler 3908
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