When traveling to Australia, the good people from “Vanishing Inc” watched a young man - Liam Jumpertz - perform a great street show. Among the classics, he did something they had never seen, and the crowd went crazy - a range of emotions, from screaming to covering their eyes to laughing to silently dazzled. This is what he did:

The magician borrows or has examined a set of headphones, and pops an examined mint (Lifesavers or Polo) in his mouth. Then, biting down for an instant on the length of headphones, the mint is now penetrated onto the cord! It's as if someone crossed an impossible puzzle with a magic trick... and it's fantastic! 

Please notice:
Mint-O is performed with a borrowed mint.
There are no angle restrictions.
You can use headphones, a necklace, or any thin cord.
You'll even learn a version where you can hand the mint out at the end!

Mint-O has the same qualities as Needle-Swallowing but is much quicker and more palatable to family audiences. It uses the mouth in a hilarious and unexpected way. The effect is easy to learn, easy to perform, and has NO restrictions in terms of angles, repeating, making anything, or props wearing out.

Perfectly made gimmicks included.  Online video instructions. You supply your own package of mints and can then perform the trick ANYWHERE: on stage, in the street, or walking around. 

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Finally back! Originally a limited release of 100, the original gimmick allowed the cream to refill to the size of a normal cookie. This new and improved version is Bizzaro’s latest rendition of one of his most powerful effects.
OVERSTUFT - Bizzaro 3890
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The dove-pan-principle build into a red plastic lunch box. Make anything appear: candies, cards, cupcakes, your lunch, sunglasses, banknotes, sponge balls, balloons, napkins - or maybe goodies for the dog...
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Ripcord allows you to perform multiple effects with headphones it ushers in a new era of visual magic with borrowed items, taking the pen through bill into the 21st Century!!!
RIPCORD - Tom Elderfield & Ollie Smith 4601
DKK 395,00
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We are really happy to present to you this NEW TRICK of Mickael CHATELAIN! For the first time, No playing card needed! An exclusive and very visual effect, so easy to perform! Based on a well known handling, this effect will fool your spectators!
PEN OR PENCIL - Mickael Chatelain 4257
DKK 240,00
/ UNIT incl. VAT
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MINT BOX is a utility tool that allows you to OPENLY switch a card that’s inside the mint box for ANY card - or a spectator’s SIGNED selection - completely surrounded.
MINT BOX - Daniel Garcia 4879
DKK 495,00
/ UNIT incl. VAT
In stock