The performer introduces a small leather case and from it removes what he claims to be the world's first approved D.I.Y. wedding, marriage ceremony kit. This proves to be a slender teak wood frame tunnel or slide and a large metal washer or ring.

The slide is shown to comprise of two magnetic sections through which the ring will pass freely through.

Each section is marked with a diamond shape motif, one said to represent the "Man" and the other the "Woman".

To enact the wedding ceremony the two sections are re-assembled and a lady volunteer is asked to play the role of the bride.

She places her forefinger through the hole and the "ring" is then dropped into the slide.

Obviously, it cannot pass completely through because of her finger, but when she withdraws it the "ring" naturally falls out of the bottom.

Again she inserts her finger and the tip is held by the designated "groom" so that it cannot be removed from the slide.

The ring is again dropped into the slide and the bride acknowledges that she can feel it resting on top of her finger.

After explaining what has taken place the slide is divided to reveal that the ring is now on her finger and she is married.

Comes complete with a custom made leather case.

Manufactured in 2017 by Magic Wagon Thailand

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