You can have so much fun with the Boomwhackers Tuned Percussion Tubes. The tubes are beaten against each other or against a padded surface and sounds like  a bamboo orchestra.

In this full package you will receive:
- 28 colourful tuned plastic percussion tubes (4xC’, 3xD’, 4xE’, 3xF’, 5xG’, 3xA’, 2xB’, 4xC")
- one set of octavator caps (8 pieces)
- a solid carrying bag for everything

Very popular in music education, kindergartens, schools, therapy, drum circles, clowns, kids entertainers, teambuilding - and for free improvisation.

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This silver box is full of good quality juggling equipment from Henrys and Mr. Babache. Balls, rings, scarves, clubs, devil sticks, cigar boxes and diabolos.
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A set of 8 colored bells tuned so they ring a scale from C-C. Because of that you can alone - or maybe with help from others - play different melodies. The possibilities are of course endless.
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A fantastic stage filling routine for any magic act! Keith Fields amazing routine with the Human Xylophone is loads of fun and full of audience participation! Perfect for Family shows, street shows, school shows and more.
HUMAN XYLOPHONE - Keith Fields 3407
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If you want to add an extra item to your performance, these bells might be what you need. You can buy a whole scale with bells and with a little practice play a melody - or perhaps act as a conductor for your bell-playing audience.
MUSIC BELLS - 13 bells 2071
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