"No Sense" is a coin effect of the finest caliber. Not only is the magic outstanding, with three coins changing, but the presentation is funny, calling attention to an essential truth: that most coin magic makes no sense.

What you get is a memorable and visual effect: three half dollar coins change, one by one, into three different objects: a Chinese coin, a copper coin, and a button (yes, really!). But the whole is so much better than the sum-total of the parts. "No Sense" is a complete package: the technique, the presentation, the original plot.

Better still, EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS INCLUDED with "No Sense" including three gimmicked coins, a brand of Chinese coin, plus a protective carry case. Creator Kyle Littleton takes you through the method in extreme detail so that you can perform this stunning routine with confidence.

If you're looking for a striking opening effect that doesn't use a table and grabs the attention of your spectators, look no further than "No Sense."

“This is the only coin trick I actually like. I've always been a card guy but looks like I am now a card guy that does one coin effect.” - Ryan Schlutz

“New and novel plots in coin magic are rare. What Kyle has created is special, unique, and memorable.” - Brent Braun

"Refreshing and throughly entertaining!” - Nicholas Lawrence

“Coin tricks often look like juggling. Not this one! No Sense looks smooth as silk. Slow and deliberate coin magic with a quirky presentation. I love it!” - Caleb Wiles

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