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This is a gamechanger in cube magic! With this new project from Henry Harrius, we introduce the perfect finale to all existing cube magic routines. You are now able to magically SMASH a cube inside a jar! Right away, you can hand out the impossible object for examination and give it away as a souvenir!

Have you seen the effect? Have you seen the fantastic reviews? You can combine “Cube In a Bottle” with almost any other existing cube routine – like RD Insta and Venom Cube.

"Cube in Bottle" is amazingly enough easy to do. In fact, you do not even need to know how to solve a cube, in order to perform it.

What is included?
Everything you need to perform the trick:
- New exclusively-designed gimmicks
- One Cube In Bottle Refill
- Five RD Paper Bags
- One RD Cube
- Two set of Stickers
- Full video instructions (50 minutes)

Please notice, that yes, you can hand out the bottle. You can even give it away as a souvenir, at those very special occasions, if you want, as we do have "refill cube in bottles" available for a fair price. If you do not give the bottle away, you can perform the effect as many times as you want. You get 5 pcs. of the coloured bags, but you can use your own bags instead.

This is a killer effect!


"Henry, you have a real winner with this one! You've taken the impossible bottle plot to a new level and I can't imagine a simpler or more effective way to perform this effect! I will be adding this to my Hidden Wonders show, It's going to kill!" - Shawn Farquhar

"Henry fooled me completely and I'm shocked by how deceptive this trick is. I recommend this trick to anyone even if they have never touched a cube before because cube-solving skills are not required." - Akira Fujii

"Effects today usually have one concept that they cash in on. But then they are not truly using all the tools at our disposal. Here, you have visual and audio illusions. Easy to do sleight of hand, elements of mystery, a clear moment of magic, and impossible penetration leaving people with an impossible object that they can keep as a souvenir. This is not only the best of both worlds, but also the best of parallel dimensions." - Garrett Thomas

"Insanely sweet! Everything looks amazing." - Mario Lopez

“The Cube in Bottle is very smart, fabulous and fascinating magic. It shows a new way where cube magic can go. I definitely would love to perform this as part of my show!!” – Charming Choi

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