Battery powered glow toy for nighttime juggling. This LED devilstick is designed for playing in festivals, nightclubs and when the fire is not an option. The LED light devilstick is a nice present for beginners and advanced players too.

The LED capsules of the BravoBright props were designed and are developed by our team and are smaller, lighter and consume less power (only 2 LR41 batteries) compared to those on the market today.

There are 4 available LED colors, and a multicolor one which changes its color. The light intensities of the LED capsules varies: red (23000 mcd), green (22000 mcd), blue (18000 mcd), yellow (4000-7000 mcd), changing multicolor (4000-6000 mcd). 

The set includes:
• transparent baton with silicone cover
• transparent tassels
• 2 led capsules and 2x2 LR41 batteries
• wooden handsticks with silicone cover
• velcro strap for convenient storage
• water-resistant shoulder case for comfortable carrying

Best features:
• glowing flowerstick
• illuminating baton and tassels
• same dimensions and weight as the BravoStick Pro model has
• the perfect choice when fire is not an option
• replaceable batteries and changable capsules

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This is the pocket-version devilstick for finger tricks. It is small and light, barely larger than 20 cm, but with it you can learn to do and present penspinning as well as contact tricks.
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