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After years of perfecting this new idea, Gee Magic has finally finished their “Dream Table”. With this, you will be able to switch an object automatically, without touching it. You can switch objects such as decks of cards, signed bills, lemons, cards, Rubik’s cubes or anything that you want, which makes this prop a table with endless possibilities only limited by your imagination.

A small and custom-made remote is included to control everything. After you press the remote the change will begin. It will give you feedbacks of the switching process so that you can have control of everything during the process (the switch is made in 3 seconds*).

If you want, you can do a simple switch and have instant access to the spectator’s object through the back part of the table.

You are not limited to use it only once in a show or take the table off the stage, to perform different routines. There is a plate that you can attach to the back part of the table, so that you can load it with different objects and perform different routines. This system will allow you to make as many switches as you want to.

“Dream Table” comes with a black cloth and looks just like a regular stage side table – and can be used as so. Everything disassembles and fits inside of a professional custom-made flight case.

Besides your needs and imagination we included 10 different routines that you can instantly add to your show:
– Memorized Deck
– 4 Card predictions
– Triumph
– Rubik’s Cube match
– Unlock the Ring
– Bill to lemon
– Signed bill to impossible location
– Book Test
– And much more…

What you receive:

– Dream Table
– Tripod
– Black Cloth (without stipes)
– Two Coasters
– One Battery + charger
– Remote Control
– Regular Flight Case (without wheels)

This is the latest and improved 2021-version, where you can choose between regular speed or the slower switch speed which is 100% silent.

Weight and dimensions:
Weight (with the flight case): 8kg
Flight Case dimensions: 42cm x 42cm x 33cm
Dimensions of Dream Table: 35cm x 35cm x 83cm

DKK 15.000,00 / STK incl. VAT
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Delivery via Postal Service ( DKK   69,00 incl. VAT)

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