You will learn great card magic from this master! 

DENIS BEHR has been lauded as one of the finest sleight-of-hand artists in the world. This is your first and only opportunity to witness his brilliance live and on video. 

Filmed in the prestigious Krist and Münch Theater in Munich, you'll see Denis perform a show in English for the packed 80-seat theater. Then you'll see him perform an informal close-up show at the Beer and Oktoberfest Museum. 

Behr's card material is astounding; it's a mixture of sleight-of-hand, mathematics, memorized deck work, and more. Whether you are advanced or new to the art of magic, there is much here for everyone to enjoy. His books, Handcrafted Card Magic 1, 2 and 3, were universally acclaimed, and this is your chance to see the best of that material in action. You will also learn new and unpublished material, released for Magic on Tap for the very first time. 

17 routines 
Close-up and parlour 
6 hours of incredible card magic 
See Denis's FULL theatre show, performed for a real audience 
Material for all skill sets 

Running time: 5 hours 46 minutes

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