The Bravo Penspinning Stick is ideal for twirling it between your fingers. This well-balanced tool helps you to learn new penspinning tricks quickly.

The dimensions and weight of this penspinning tool were based on the most popular modified pens made by players. 


  • Aluminum/fiberglass spinning stick

Features (why they choose it)

  • well-balanced
  • many colors and patterns
  • no need for building a mod
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This is the pocket-version devilstick for finger tricks. It is small and light, barely larger than 20 cm, but with it you can learn to do and present penspinning as well as contact tricks.
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Card throwers destroy many decks while practicing their throwing. Banshees are engineered with high-grade plastics to maximize cutting and penetration power, all while keeping the cards extra-durable so you don't waste money on ruined cards.
BANSHEES: Cards for Throwing 3966
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