Meet the new and revolutionary Cool Chilli Fireeating torch from Fyrefli in UK. Cool Chilli's wicks are secured using a unique Design Registered ® fastening method. No metal fasteners or para-aramid thread is used to secure the wick in position, a major design drawback seen on other fire eating products, and a past curse of fire eaters. The Cool Chilli's design also boasts a tiny 25mm diameter wick head, belying the quantity of wick concealed within the design, ensuring a uniform and consistent burn.

Important note:
Fire eating is dangerous, not good for your health, and should only be attempted following intensive professional instruction. 
You have to be 18 years old in order to buy this product and we take no responsibility at all.

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Fyrefli designed the world's first fire juggling balls that you can juggle without gloves! If you can juggle, you can FyreBall juggle. Dead easy to fire up and even easier to impress your friends.
FYREFLI FIRE JUGGLING BALLS (set of 3) 68 mm. 713
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