Contact Juggling is a whole different way of juggling. You may already have played with the crystal-clear contact balls, but now you can move on with this “JL Optical Ring”. A special mold double ring, with which you can make incredible visual effects. Perhaps you have watched Rune Klan using them in his show “Barnløs”? Otherwise check out this beautiful youtube-video, displaying different types of contact juggling with rings (produced by Kuma Films).

The ring is mold in solid white plastic round off at the edge thus making it smooth using.

The double ring comes from South Korea and each ring has a diameter of 39 cm, its weight is 230 grams, and it is delivered in a black posh velour bag with a tie cord.

Please notice: Only one double ring is contained. If you want to do what is shown on the youtube video two sets are needed.

Price incl. VAT in DKK
1 UNIT 650,00 / UNIT
2 UNIT 585,00 / UNIT

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