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After the worldwide success of Infinity Wine, Peter Kamp has become a creator to follow closely! His interpretation of water to wine has literally won over magicians and the public. Did you like Infinity Wine? You will love his new creation: FREE DRINKS.

Imagine having the power to transform water ON DEMAND, into grenadine, mint, lemon or orange syrup... and even .... into cola! It's a real miracle that you have to see to believe.

You pour water into a glass, which you then drink through a straw. The spectators then get to choose which drink you want to make appear! You can even perform 3 transformations in a row.

Perfect on stage or parlor, for children or adults, in real performance conditions, but also on social media! Free Drinks ticks all the boxes for a magic trick that can be used in many conditions. The reset is quick, convenient, and the trick is easy to use thanks to the gimmicks provided. The cleverly gimmicked glass does (almost) all the work for you. EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED to achieve incredible performances.

If you're more into mentalism experiments, you can also turn the water into a drink mentally chosen by the spectator or forced by you; the ways to present Free Drinks are many and so varied!

- Easy to do
- Very visual
- You can pour water into the glass between each transformation
- Can be activated on command
- Quick and convenient reset
- Can be used in many situations
- Refills included

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