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Now it is possible to amaze a larger audience with this amazing routine.

You present a big board on which a puzzle game of 10 wooden pieces has been assembled. Together, it forms a perfect rectangle. You display a frame that fits exactly over the assembled puzzle game and then give the template to a spectator.

You remove one at a time a piece of the jigsaw puzzle and while telling the story, reassemble it again. You then introduce an extra piece, and after moving around all the pieces, you'll get back with a rectangle. Once again a piece is presented - this time a bit bigger - and again you are able to assemble the jigsaw puzzle!

The most surprising part comes when you get the template back from the spectator and it still fits perfectly with the puzzle! A miracle that will amaze and mystify even the most intellectual audience. It can be accompanied by so many different stories and interesting presentations.

You receive a professional prop, carefully produced in Europe, complete with everything you need. The frame measures 62 x 78 cm..

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